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Two Came Home

February 4, 2019

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The Wisconsin Harlequin

October 28, 2016


Dan Mitchell was 5 years old. It would appear at night in his bedroom. It said it was the tooth fairy and it smelled like rain. It looked like a harlequin,  it danced, entertained and told stories - but the movements were odd, not right, not human. Its gaudy appearance was ragtag - like a thrown together goodwill clown. “My overall feeling toward this being was one of total familiarity. Looking back now, I can also say that there was something very potent about this being, like a strength of presence.” Dan’s family was aware that something was not right in their Milwaukee area home. His mother was haunted by odd recurring dreams and she often saw strange figures milling about inside the unoccupied "Polish flat" attached to the house. Dan's Father once heard the sound of shuffling footsteps upstairs. The family was seated at the dinner table. “I remember that my dad was very agitated, he kept saying that he was hearing somebody walking around upstairs. I was terrified by this. I had never seen him scared like that. He was a very tough guy.” Dan’s father suddenly stood up and looked toward the stairs. He was clearly frightened. “There was a voice  from upstairs - a howl of some sort that caused a tingling feeling up my spine.” These events occurred in the 1970’s and early 80’s. As Dan got older, the creature began to visit less and less, but it never left.  In 1991, Dan was 15. His father was driving him from the family cabin in the northwoods to the town of Eagle River. They were climbing a steep hill. “When we got to the top of the hill in the truck, there was this guy walking on the gravel road pushing a stroller.” It was pitch dark outside and late. “I could tell this guy was hiding his face. There was just something not right about it.” Dan’s father kept an uneasy quiet as they drove by the approaching figure. Dan knew they had just passed the Harlequin. “ I was really not wanting to go back to the cottage because it was headed that way.” In subsequent appearances, Dan saw the entity trying to enter his house. It next appeared in a neighbor’s kitchen in the middle of the night asking for a key to Dan’s house. Dan is now married and has a family. One morning, his 4 year old daughter told him that a strangely dressed man came to her bedroom and tried to get into her head.

The complete story of Dan Mitchell and the Harlequin can be found at Mysterious Universe.