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February 4, 2019

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Harry and the Little People

October 24, 2016





The following is the late Harry Anderson's boyhood memory of a long ago summer night in Barron County...
On a moonlit night in the summer of 1919, 13 year old Harry Anderson, his father and two friends were returning to Eau Claire in a brand new model T Ford. they were driving south on highway 25 near Barron, Wisconsin when the engine began to rumble and smoke. Mr. Anderson brought the car to a stop. They were low on oil. A local farmer walking back from a day of fishing passed by and offered to help. He had oil at his farm, a two mile walk down a single track country lane.  Harry was delegated to accompany the farmer. He grabbed an empty oil can, filled it up at the farm and headed back to the car. As Harry returned along the narrow country lane, he encountered a startling site. Approaching him were twenty little men, trooped in a single file. Harry hid behind a maple tree and watched as they passed by.  They were dressed in leather knee pants held up by suspenders. They wore no shirts, they were completely bald and their skin was pale. They soon walked out of site. Terrified, Anderson continued on his way to the stranded model T and never looked back. Although the bizarre encounter remained vivid in his memory for the rest of his life, he told no one about it except his wife, Helen. After Harry died in the late 60’s, she typed an account of his story and submitted it to Fate Magazine, a publication specializing in “true reports of the strange and the unknown.” It was published in 1970.

Illustration from Wisconsin Monsters Myths and Legends poster.

The website for Fate Magazine