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Two Came Home

February 4, 2019

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The Mineral Point Vampire

October 4, 2016

I would categorize this story as having the makings of a classic bit of folklore, right up there with the Hodag.  Mineral Point, Wisconsin is an old Cornish mining town set in a deep valley. On the evening of March 14, 1981 there were reports of a vampire-like figure lurking in Graceland cemetery. The police responded. At the cemetery, a lone officer confronted a tall, thin, pale faced figure dressed in black and wearing a cape. The figure suddenly bolted. The officer gave chase. The chase ended when the pale man leapt over a six foot fence at the border of the cemetery. The next morning, the police returned to the cemetery to follow tracks made in the snow. At the point where the pale man jumped over the fence, his tracks disappeared – there was nothing but untouched snow on the other side of the fence. Spring Heeled Jack anyone? In March, 2004, police responded to reports of man sitting in a tree outside of an apartment complex. When they arrived, a tall, thin, darkly clad man with a pale face jumped down from the tree and fled. The police followed but quickly lost sight of the suspect. Again, there were footprints. The police followed them to a ten foot concrete wall – where they ended. In 2008, a young couple was fishing off of a pier at nearby Ludden Lake. They heard noises coming from beneath the pier, directly under their feet. Something was climbing up out of the water. Thinking it was an animal, they shined a flashlight between the boards of the pier to get a better look. Staring back at them was a stark white face of a man. The couple fled towards their car. The creature followed. As they drove away they could see a tall, darkly dressed, caped figure running towards them. Two patrol units were sent to the pier. They found the couple’s hastily abandoned fishing gear and nothing else.

Ludden Lake is named after Allen Ludden, the popular 60's game show host who is now better known as Mr Betty White.